Professor Karina Aase

Professor of Patient Safety, University of Stavanger, Norway

Professor Karina Aase, PhD is head of research within Quality and Safety in Healthcare Systems, Department of Health Studies, University of Stavanger, Norway. She is professor in safety and has a background in safety science within petroleum and aviation. Over the last 10 years Aase has built an influential research group on quality and patient safety in the Norwegian setting with more than 20 researchers affiliated. The multi-professional research group conducts research within the areas of patient-centered care, transitional care, systems safety and resilience, organizational and cultural factors, the use of technology, interprofessional practice and education, and simulation and training.

Professor Aase has led research grants with funding from the European Commission, the Norwegian Research Council, The Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine, and the Western Norway Regional Health Authority. Her research covers multi-level analyses of safe work practices, learning systems, transitional care, and resilience in healthcare. Aase is Associate Editor of BMC Health Services Research, and member of the National Council for the Patient Safety Programme, assigned by the Norwegian Health Directorate.

Aase recently edited a Norwegian book on patient safety (Patient Safety – theory and practice, Norwegian University Press, 2015). In an upcoming book, Aase will discuss the Nordic perspective on research within quality and patient safety (Researching Patient Safety and Quality in Health Care: A Nordic Perspective, Ashgate, 2016).

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